‘Personal Reach Marketing’ Bundle is Here!

.. after chatting with several business owners yesterday via phone. I decided to create a package that would help the challenges they are currently facing with their marketing strategies. Today I announce ‘Personal Reach Marketing’ package. While our marketing solutions do reach customers on a personal level, this package is strictly geared to industry forum and/or a combination blogging.

To help get inside the circles on targeted forums to help build your rep a Brand, we will create a strong presence as well as manage your forum participation allowing you to focus on business. Contact me today for a very special offer.

Special introductory price –  LIMITED TIME ONLY!

We have worked with many entrepreneurs and business men and women within industries from Cigar and tobacco, fashion, auto, education, beauty and many more.

Each business has at least one unique quality, and the more the better. We build from that.

What is included in the Personal Reach Marketing Bundle? A lot!

20 profile business set-up (cigar forums + blog) created for your Brand with the addition of a Branded business blog, and 3 new social media sites. Business information listed, as well as logo uploaded on each.

We’re going to help you …

•    Navigate,

•    Initiate, and

•    Create a bigger presence within your target market.

Work to be performed:

  •     Setup and ongoing engagement (90 days) on industry forums (majority of new profiles), blog, social networks.
  •     Monitor inbound and outbound online conversations about your brand via forums/networks/blog
  •     Streamline the process of gathering information on online conversations (direct them to your site/offer contact information)
  •     Regular posting: anything from 8-15 posts a week. If a customer contacts us after a post, we will reply same day as long its before 9pm CST.
  •     Assist in building fan/friend bases to create a greater word of mouth
  •     Monitoring of your social presence and online reputation
  •     Monthly reports with recommendations to grow your business

You can generate optimal traffic from these strategies using the system developed by our company that applies a more personal approach to reaching buyers.

To complete the creation of all profiles, after gathering more details from you – generally takes 5-7 business days.

Next step is becoming a client!

Our one time flat rate is very affordable, and a great return on investment. Three entire months of our team working together to build your business and Brand online.

BUY NOW! You can purchase this entire Personal Reach Marketing Bundle by clicking HERE!

Thank you for stopping by, and looking forward to a successful, as well as a long and lasting business relationship!



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