Hello – I’m Hillary Trump, co-founder of Public Relations Depot. I’m completely obsessed with online business marketing and helping others succeed. I don’t have the magic card, but I do have effective strategies to help you.

My career began in film as a Production Manager, ghost writer – and soon after PR Gal helping up and coming filmmakers gain more exposure for their projects. One thing led to another and VIOLA… today I’m helping entrepreneurs and business owners realize their business goals.

I have owned several businesses over the years and have learned from each one. Absorbing the new methods and strategies of effectively building clients visibility online as well as harnessing them publicity.

Please do not refer to me as an “internet marketer” – I’m so much more than that.

I would rather you think of me as your personal business liaison. I help my clients build a stronger Brand presence online, hence introducing them to more qualified buyers – more interested buyers. My profession has introduced me to entrepreneurs all over the world, who each have helped me better understand their company’s personal vision.

My exposure to so many people and industries have helped me to evolve as a better brand specialist as well as increasing my clients web presence. I love social media, and have helped introduce this exciting, and sometimes complex, world to many of my clients.

To build your Brand and Business requires enhancing your Visibility online and reaching more of your specific audience. Its more than tweeting on Twitter, posting on Facebook or commenting on Myspace. Its about connecting to your niche market on a personal level. If you are finding that your own efforts have yet to create the visibility and reach you seek.

I encourage you to contact me to discuss how we can help build your Brand as well as your business. Here’s to your success and living the dream.

I’m Hillary Trump, and its a pleasure connecting with you.

Hillary Trump
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Hi I’m Nic Soto, co-founder of Public Relations Depot, your affordable SEO based marketing PR company that can help you take a more effective approach to marketing your internet business or website and improve overall visibility.

I’m also a writer, blogger, mother and entrepreneur.

As a small business owner, I know all too well the challenges of growing your business, as well as the costs involved with running, marketing and advertising your company in order to compete with larger businesses who do have the funds to spend thousands on marketing and ads.

For the last 15 years, I’ve helped entrepreneurs successfully market their products to the consumers who are more likely to purchase from them and increase their overall visibility within their industry.

Nic Soto is the co-founder of Public Relations Depot, a family owned PR marketing company based in Chicago,IL, and a staff of six with over 20 years of industry expertise.

The company offers affordable solutions in the areas of Press Release Writing, Mass Media Distribution, Internet Marketing, Reputation Management, Brand Visibility, Link Building and Search Engine Optimization. Helping entrepreneurs reach their business goals since 1999.

Public Relations Depot caters to businesses who are seeking more budget friendly alternatives to expensive advertising.

We are the trusted source for online marketing strategies to the worlds web business owners, individuals, website owners, organizations and institutions.

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Get the scoop on Search Engine Optimization

Your pages are no longer enough to rank highly in search engines such as Google and Yahoo, or getting your business out to the masses. To be more effective with SEO and online marketing you need assistance from several key strategies.

Our marketing solutions are about raising your visibility, building quality links relevant to your website or product to aid the search engines with establishing what your website offers as well as combining  Internet marketing, social media as well as public relations campaigns to further reach your target audience and harness free publicity.

Our solutions will bring you quality exposure and brand visibility for your online business and/or product.

Public Relations Depot Services:
* Online PR campaigns
* SEO Writing services
* Reputation Management
* Link Building
* Highly Targeted Internet Marketing
* Slogan and Tagline creation
* Social Media Marketing
* Search Engine Optimization
* Targeted Consumer Marketing
* Online Newswire Submissions

How does this translate to your business?
* Added Credibility
* Search Engine Optimization
* Free Publicity
* Social Media Exposure
* Quality Link building
* Targeted consumer reach
* Higher Sales Conversions


Learn more by contacting Hillary Trump at  HillaryTrumpPR@hotmail.com.

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