‘Personal Reach Marketing’ Bundle

‘Personal Reach Marketing’ Bundle

#3  ‘Personal Reach Marketing’ Bundle – BUILD YOUR WEB PRESENCE!
Perfect for brick and mortar and eCommerce businesses

* Special Marketing Bundle ONLY $349.99!  (*Reg. $999)
Start reaching more customers today!
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Industry Forum Creation
Social Media Profile Creation (Microblogs,blogs,social media,etc..)
Search Engine Optimization Enhancement (SEO) with Internet Marketing Enhancement
Includes Optimized Press Release with Media Distribution

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Not accepting defeat…. Small Business Success is possible, even in this market!

For small business owners accepting defeat is not an option. While marketing funds can be a little tight, its the hard work and determination coupled with the right strategy that can help kept you in business and stay on the minds of consumers.

If you feel like you are facing an uphill battle, and would like a Free quote on our affordable marketing services please contact me, Hillary Trump at HillaryTrumpPR@hotmail.com.

We can help!


Hillary @HomeBasedPR

‘Personal Reach Marketing’ Bundle is Here!

.. after chatting with several business owners yesterday via phone. I decided to create a package that would help the challenges they are currently facing with their marketing strategies. Today I announce ‘Personal Reach Marketing’ package. While our marketing solutions do reach customers on a personal level, this package is strictly geared to industry forum and/or a combination blogging.

To help get inside the circles on targeted forums to help build your rep a Brand, we will create a strong presence as well as manage your forum participation allowing you to focus on business. Contact me today for a very special offer.

Special introductory price –  LIMITED TIME ONLY!

We have worked with many entrepreneurs and business men and women within industries from Cigar and tobacco, fashion, auto, education, beauty and many more.

Each business has at least one unique quality, and the more the better. We build from that.

What is included in the Personal Reach Marketing Bundle? A lot!

20 profile business set-up (cigar forums + blog) created for your Brand with the addition of a Branded business blog, and 3 new social media sites. Business information listed, as well as logo uploaded on each.

We’re going to help you …

•    Navigate,

•    Initiate, and

•    Create a bigger presence within your target market.

Work to be performed:

  •     Setup and ongoing engagement (90 days) on industry forums (majority of new profiles), blog, social networks.
  •     Monitor inbound and outbound online conversations about your brand via forums/networks/blog
  •     Streamline the process of gathering information on online conversations (direct them to your site/offer contact information)
  •     Regular posting: anything from 8-15 posts a week. If a customer contacts us after a post, we will reply same day as long its before 9pm CST.
  •     Assist in building fan/friend bases to create a greater word of mouth
  •     Monitoring of your social presence and online reputation
  •     Monthly reports with recommendations to grow your business

You can generate optimal traffic from these strategies using the system developed by our company that applies a more personal approach to reaching buyers.

To complete the creation of all profiles, after gathering more details from you – generally takes 5-7 business days.

Next step is becoming a client!

Our one time flat rate is very affordable, and a great return on investment. Three entire months of our team working together to build your business and Brand online.

BUY NOW! You can purchase this entire Personal Reach Marketing Bundle by clicking HERE!

Thank you for stopping by, and looking forward to a successful, as well as a long and lasting business relationship!


… taking some risks and coming out of your comfort zone will help you reach that success you desire!

Hi its Hillary,

Had a very early (and positive!) start to my day… hope you have had a positive start to your day as well!

Every once and a while as an entrepreneur you may get that overwhelming feeling like nothing is going the way you want it to go. Competitors are in every corner, you’re finding it hard to reach your audience as well as challenges with time and budget. Its normal to feel this way – just know that you’re not alone and you don’t have to be a fortune 500 company spending thousands if not millions in advertising and marketing to become successful and start living your dreams!

There is a way of getting your business or products seen and heard. It takes hard work, the right strategies and patience – but it IS possible!

I’ve had the honor of working with many small business owners (from the owner of Bangledox Clothing, Cocoa Butter Sisters, Uncle Bob Go Bags, Caleb Clothing and many more) as well as talented entrepreneurs and inventors who are passionate, determined and never allowed doubt to enter their mind. They ALL knew that success and living their dream life was possible.. and its anyone’s game to make it happen for themselves. Anyone’s!

Each small success you reach is a building block to creating the very foundation that will help you build your business, visibility and sales.  Reaching your dreams is more attainable when you create small realistic goals.  It’s never ok to doubt the fact that your dreams can, and will come true. Staying the course and stepping out of your comfort zone are two vital components to achieving real life long success.

Many start and stop on their dreams which places your dreams on hold and who wants to do that? Another is not thinking outside the box or willing to take risks. If you read about today’s successful companies and business owners from the President of Starbucks Coffee, to the creator of Chipotle Restaurants they all took risks stepping out of their comfort zone to reach success – and look at them today!

Ok, so not everyone’s idea of success is the same – some want to have profits in the millions to feel as if they have succeeded in their business goals, while others are quite content with netting $100,000.00 a year and that’s ok. I personally like something in between! LOL

Successful self-employment starts with building a solid source of income from your business or businesses. A steady stream of profits coming in weekly/monthly that will allow you to live the kind of lifestyle you want as well as paying those pesky living expenses, health insurance and building your retirement. When I started out years ago I jotted down a few things that would give me a snapshot of what I was working towards.

… buying a new home, monthly expenses, a new car, etc. What did those numbers really look like because many are not clear on what it actually takes to live the kind of lifestyle they desire. Its easy to say.. I want to move into a 4 bedroom townhouse.. but do you really know what kind of money/resources it takes to get there? Monthly costs involved?

I knew that a down-payment was needed to buy my home (no brainer!) so that’s few thousand right there. My monthly expenses included not only the necessities but also the luxuries I wanted to have (no not pedicures… lol… but travel,etc.) Once I began seeing the numbers it was becoming more and more clear and real. I now knew what I needed to do.

At first, before business started to pick up I worked three jobs so I could have the kind of apartment I wanted and as my business grew I was able to invest in a couple other business ventures (very small investments – many of you may recall my online vitamin shop years ago before I sold it) and as my savings grew I was able to build my networth from there. No, I will not tell you that I live in some mansion with a dozen cars… leave that for the infomercials (they are entertaining though!) I DO live in my dream home and it suits me and my family just fine. We are able to live the life we want, and are always grateful for the success and blessings we have.

Have that plan, SEE those numbers and work towards achieving those goals.

With the mass reach of the internet I am able to work with business owners from around the globe, from North America to Australia. Its easy to get lost online and have your business/products fall into the abyss of failed ideas. So VISIBILITY, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, PR AND SOCIAL MEDIA must play a constant role in your marketing and promoting efforts. There is just no way around it!

You CAN have the success you desire. Its all up to you!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make it happen together!


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